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Envision Dietetics is a professional Dietetic Private Practice that specializes in eating disorder therapy and dietary education. Envision Dietetics focuses on problems such as food allergies, eating disorder treatment, and nutritional goals. It is committed to forming relationships with patients looking to better themselves, manage chronic diseases, and much more. Envision Dietetics is here to improve its client's quality of life, so get in touch to learn more and start building a healthier lifestyle.



Specializing in nutritional counseling in the areas of eating disorders and food allergies, Rebekah Gaydosh is an experienced, registered and licensed dietitian. Rebekah has a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition from the University of Alabama, completed multiple supervised dietetic internships, finished the Coordinated Program in Dietetics, and is currently in pursuit of her Master's in Business Administration from the University of Alabama.
At the Fayette Medical Center, she worked on staff as a Dietetic Intern where she implemented nutrition therapy to treat and prevent acute and chronic illnesses.  She has also worked at Element Health in Birmingham where she conducted screenings, health coached and facilitated LIVESMART meetings to promote healthy lifestyles for their participants. Rebekah Gaydosh has also worked at DCH and Harris Hill Nursing Facility where she evaluated, assessed, and counseled patients on their nutritional status and medical nutritional therapy.
Rebekah is passionate about nutrition education and bettering the well-being of everyone. Her goal is to help her clients reach their maximum quality of life through manageable lifestyle changes and create a positive and enjoyable experience with food.



  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

  • Alabama Dietetic Association

  • International Federation of Eating Disorder Dietitians (IFEDD) 

  • Phi Upsilon Omicron Honor Society

  • Manderson Women in Business