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Envision Dietetics LLC has relocated to Huntsville, AL in May 2021. We are excited about this new opportunity and have cherished our time in Tuscaloosa! It has been a joy forming relationships, improving quality of life, and building healthier lifestyles. We want to continue helping you achieve your nutrition goals! 
For those in Tuscaloosa or not near the Huntsville area, we are excited to offer telehealth virtual sessions in the future. We want to continue to meet your needs, so please reach out and see how we can help you today! 
For those in the Huntsville area, we are very excited to be able to serve you! We are in the process of relocating offices, so in-person visits may temporarily be postponed. Please reach out to us to get booked for either telehealth or set up a future in-person appointment! 
We look forward to our new home!


Dare to Explore... Food That’s Good for You

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